Jack in the Box

Almost everyone has wound the handle of a jack-in-the-box at some point in their life, wondering when the clown would pop out. Some of us played with it once, got scared, and that was it. Some of us played with it over and over again, laughing at the clown. But eventually, we all tired of the toy, and put it down, and never picked it back up.


Someone recently told me, “People are tired of hearing about how bad GMO’s are for you, and how corrupt the government is, and how rigged the system is. People know by now. Stop complaining and offer a solution”. I took that to heart, and realized that in my rush to try and solve the problem, I lost sight of what it will really take to fix all this. I know that people are not very eager to hear about how screwed we all are. It’s a very heavy weight to bear. I know quite a few people that have told me flat out, “I don’t want to know” for one reason for another. But as they started explaining, the underlying constant I heard was, “I know, but I’m not ready to accept it and burst the bubble I’m living in. I have my necessities to live, my family and the people I care about are happy, and I have a lot to lose. I’m not ready to sacrifice the familiarity and comfort blanket I have”. When so many of us are trying to create a call to action, we’re presenting information in a way that makes it hard to digest. And I’m not saying we should be spoon feeding people and catering to them and all that. I’m saying, when I’m teaching my students something, I need to explain it in a way that makes them not only understand, but feel confident enough to do it on their own. If I scream it at them, they’ll be nervous and intimidated, and that will hold them back from focusing on what they should be doing.


Now, we’re faced with a harder problem. Most people know, or have an idea that something bigger is going on here. But their day-to-day lives are going on as planned, so it doesn’t seem that important to go and disrupt the system that’s allowing them to work, eat, socialize, and they even ‘have a say’ in what happens to them through ‘voting’. And their day-to-day lives aren’t easy. A lot of people in my area have to get up and leave for work by 5 am so they can avoid rush hour and only sit in traffic for 2 hours instead of 3 to drive 40 miles to work. Then work all day, sit in rush hour traffic for a good 3 hours only to make it home tired and stressed and having to put food on the table and make sure their kids do their homework and get dog food and on and on. There’s no time to sit down and figure out a way to win an impossible battle.


And that’s what we’re facing. An impossible battle. We’re fighting a family running the largest empire ever. For over 200 years this family has been taking over the world, all from behind a curtain. Well, more like behind curtain after curtain after curtain after curtain… They dictate our money, economy, government officials, elections, wars, coups, terrorism, national security, military, nuclear bombs, corporations, stock market, housing market, news and media, all of television, the education system, the entire entertainment industry, crops, drinking water, natural resources, electricity, garbage/waste, water and gas, clothes, trends, pop-culture, the list goes on. And on top of deciding all of those things for us, they’re injecting us with chemicals and diseases they manufactured, they’re spraying us with medications, more chemicals, and according to some, nano-technology. They’re using subliminal messaging (legally mind you, I told you, they own everything) in our movies, tv, music, etc to influence our choices, they’re teaching generations of peoples twisted and warped versions of not only history, but the world, society, and how to live in it. They’ve taught generations across the world what to think, not how to think. Not how to question.


And believe me, I’m not ready for all of it either. I’m still fighting with myself trying to convince myself I can find a balance and fight the system while still living within it.


But, participating in it is like winding a jack in the box because you like the sound, and you’re just hoping the clown doesn’t pop out before you’re finished with the song. The same song you’ve heard over and over again, with the same result every time.


But when you keep winding the Rothschild’s jack-in-the-box, instead of a clown popping out, you get The Great Depression, or the housing market collapse of ’07. You get countless people losing their jobs, homes, cars, and ability to support their family. People die. Families are destroyed.

Then, just as everyone is freaking out, scared, and ready for a change, they come in, ‘bailout’ their doomed system, stuff the bad stuff back in the box, and put it back in front of you to try again.

And what’s worse, while we’re all picked that stupid fucking toy back up, and winding that stupid handle around again, listen to the same bullshit song all over again, they’re in the background doing more sneaky shit. Building more power for them. Expanding their domain, until they are running the entire world. And all the while we’re over here, winding that handle. “Voting”. “Investing”. “Serving our country”. Paying off our student loans. Paying taxes. Paying mortgages.


I don’t know about everyone else, but I got tired of jack-in-the-box a very long time ago. I’m not interested in playing their sick game anymore. And I’m not interested in picking up someone else’s twisted version either.


I was always the run and play with everyone outside type of kid…



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