silent presence

It makes me so incredibly sad to see things on the news like cop cars on fire, local business looted, buildings on fire etc… All these people that came tonight because they were upset had a great opportunity, and they blew it. The number of protestors out is impressive, but they not only lose credibility, they make the problem worse by not maintaining a peaceful protest. MLK was so adamant about peaceful protests- he knew that if things got bad, it would be used as an excuse to make the injustice worse instead of better – and he was right, he was making a true difference (of course that’s why the US govt killed him). Now cops are going to be more on edge, now they are going to have an excuse to ‘justify’ the profiling and brutality because these violent protestors are reinforcing the stereotypes.
As Americans need to exercise our right to protest, but to truly make a difference, we need to give the oppressors zero excuses. The second a protest takes a step away from peaceful, is the second we lose any power we were starting to gain. They’ll bait us, they’ll make the first violent move to get a rise out of us, they’ll lie and spin things to push their own agenda… but just stay level headed. Don’t take the bait. Don’t move. Don’t physically fight back. Stand your ground – silent presence can be so powerful if used properly.